Medical Detox in Woodbridge, NJ

Individuals in Central New Jersey who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol and are looking to make a change in their life and enter recovery may benefit from the available medical detox in Woodbridge. Medical detox programs provide a level of safety and security that a person would not have if they were to detox at home.

There are many dangers involved in going through the detoxification process and having trained staff to monitor you 24 hours a day can make a big difference. Medical drug detox treatment is a perfect way for addicts and alcoholics to separate themselves for the people and places they associate with drinking or doing drugs. Being out of the environment that may have contributed to their drug use is one of the big benefits of medical drug detox treatment.

What is Medical Detox?

Medical drug detox treatment is the process of removing drugs or alcohol (or both) from an individual's system while under the care of medical personnel in our drug and alcohol addiction rehab in Woodbridge. There are many symptoms a person can experience while detoxing and the medical staff present are there to take care of any problems, which can be severe and life threatening, that the person going through medical drug detox treatment may experience.

Everyone's experience with drugs and alcohol is different and that is why it's important for medical detox programs to be available to assist people as they take the first step in removing drugs or alcohol from their lives. In many cases a person whose life has been impacted by drugs or alcohol has not paid close attention to their overall health and the professionals involved with medical detox programs can also ensure that patients' general well-being is taken care of as well.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Medical Detox

One of the indications that a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol is that they experience withdrawal if they decide to quit using or notably reduce the amount of drugs they take or alcohol they drink. Before a person enters our treatment programs in Woodbridge, one of the major benefits is having trained medical staff to help them get through the withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms from each drug can be different but in general include Increased sensitivity to pain, irritability, emotional instability, anxiety and depression restlessness or insomnia, sweating, hot flashes Flu-like symptoms: weakness, body aches and headaches and lack of or and increased appetite.

The trained staff of medical detox programs are equipped to handle even the most severe cases of withdrawal symptoms, which can become very dangerous depending on the person's level of drug use.

Why is it Dangerous to Detox at Home?

Choosing medical detox in Woodbridge instead of trying to detox at home takes away a list of dangers you can encounter when trying to detox without supervision. First of all, when you attempt to detox at home, you are still in one of the places you most likely drank or did drugs at one time or another.

This is an immediate risk. Your home is part of your routine, you may still have drugs or alcohol readily available in your home, and the chance of a relapse can be high. Second, even if you have gotten rid of all the drugs and alcohol in your home, it is obviously easy to acquire more as you have in the probably recent past. Inpatient rehab in Woodbridge gives a safe place to detox without these external factors.

If you do successfully avoid a relapse, withdrawal symptoms can also be very dangerous and without supervision could result in a medical emergency or worse. It is strongly suggested that you enter medical detox in Woodbridge as opposed to trying to detox on your own.

Why Should I Enter a Medical Detox Center?

It's common and very easy to think that you have your drug or alcohol use under control and that detoxing will not be a tough thing to accomplish. People often convince themselves that drugs or alcohol do not control them, do not have a major effect on them, and that they can stop or reduce their drug intake at any time. None of these things are usually the case.

Entering a medical detox in Woodbridge will allow you access to medical professionals that can assist you with relapse prevention, withdrawal symptoms, ad any other health issues you may be experiencing due to your use of drugs or alcohol. Even if you think you don't need help call or come in and talk to a specialist and hear what a medical detox program has to offer (877) 804-1531.

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