Drug Intervention in Woodbridge, NJ

Individuals whose lives are being negatively impacted by drugs or alcohol or both are often not aware of how much damage their drug us or drinking is doing to them and those around them. The services for help with a drug intervention in Woodbridge can assist family members in deciding whether it's time to sit down with someone concerning their drug or alcohol use.

An intervention is aimed at finding a solution for someone in need, not pointing out their mistakes. Drug addiction intervention can be the first of many steps that leads to someone entering recovery and a structured, organized path for family members to follow. Drug intervention for addiction can be assisted by a professional interventionist who is trained to keep meetings with family, friends, and co-workers on point and solution-oriented.

What Is an Intervention?

A drug addiction intervention is a structured meeting between family, friends, co-workers with someone who is having a problem with drugs or alcohol. A drug intervention for addiction can and most likely should be professionally directed and supervised because of the sensitive and personal nature of what is going to be discussed.

Drug interventions can shine the light on a problem that the person is having with drugs or alcohol that they thought was not as severe a problem as it is or they were ignoring and didn't want to address. The addict may even have a mental illness that complicates the issue, requiring attention from our dual diagnosis in Woodbridge. No matter the circumstance, it will be a stressful interaction and having a professional interventionist will be a good cushion between the person and the people trying to help them.

How to Stage an Intervention

There is a lot of pre-meeting work that goes into an intervention that is considered part of the process, in fact, probably the most important part. A drug intervention for addiction includes a lot of education for the friends and family who want to help their loved one. A meeting with the person who is having a problem with drugs or alcohol shouldn't be set up until everyone is ready to take that step. Interventions may not work for every family or for every person who has had their life impacted by drugs or alcohol.

An intervention, or at least the meeting portion of the process, can be done without the assistance of a professional interventionist but in some cases one is more important than in others. If the subject of the intervention has a history of mental illness, or violence, or suicidal behavior, or any other serious behavior issues, these are cases where a trained professional should be involved. Be sure to talk to the trained professionals at our drug rehab in Woodbridge that can help you conduct a drug intervention in Woodbridge about any special circumstances that may exist.

What Can I Expect from an Intervention? What Happens if the Intervention Doesn't Work?

A high percentage of interventions end in the person committing to getting help. It can be a painful process but that is greatly outweighed by getting the person help. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and drug dependence has reported interventions can fail but some only appear to fail immediately afterwards and people later do decide to seek help based upon their family's actions. If you do think the drug addiction intervention has truly failed you can follow up with the interventionist and meet again. When it comes to quitting, whether it's drugs or alcohol or cigarettes a person needs to want to quit in order for them to be successful. Even a failed drug intervention for addiction can be step in the right direction.

There are negatives that can result from failed intervention where the subject seems to have no interest in seeking treatment. A drug addiction intervention needs to have consequences and cutting ties with the person who refuses is usually part of the plan. Another good reason to enlist the help of a professional interventionist for a drug intervention in Woodbridge is that he or she can help you choose who else to include in the intervention. A small but influential group should be included. No one who might upset the person or that they usually argue with, no matter how close they may be to the addict or alcoholic, should be included.

Assistance for a drug intervention in Woodbridge is readily available from a trained professional who understands exactly why you are looking to help a friend or family member. Not only is an intervention a good way to help someone see the damage they are doing to their life with drugs or alcohol but it also shows them that they do not need to travel their road to recovery on their own. Call us now for more information (877) 804-1531.

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