Inpatient Rehab in Woodbridge, NJ

Inpatient rehab in Woodbridge is one of your options and is a good choice for many people who have had their lives changed for the worse by drugs or alcohol and want to get on the path to sobriety. Professionals at an inpatient rehab center can assist you with information on the different aspects of the inpatient rehab programs offered and how they would benefit you.

When you or a loved one is battling addiction there are many different types of treatment available. Everyone must find what will work for them if they are going to successfully enter recovery and stay sober. Getting sober is the toughest part of rehab but there are many other aspects when it comes to staying in recovery over the long term. What you choose for treatment programs in Woodbridge can have a big impact on your overall success.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs fall into two general categories, outpatient and inpatient rehab programs. Most experts would say that an inpatient program is better for addicts and alcoholics because it totally removes them from the world where they drank or did drugs. At an inpatient rehab center they have no access to drugs or alcohol removing the temptation to have just one drink or take just one pill.

Outpatient rehab is certainly an option and works well for people with less severe addictions and who need to be at home for children or cannot leave their career for an extended period of time but want to become sober and make a positive change in their life. Individuals in inpatient care programs can also transition into an outpatient program after a certain amount of time and when their councilors feel they have reached a milestone at which they are less likely to relapse.

The medical detox in Woodbridge inpatient rehab also ensures the safest recovery from withdrawal symptoms. An inpatient rehab center will give you all of the information for you to make an educated choice on what type of program is right for you as they either have or are connected with other centers that have outpatient care as well.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Usually Last?

The traditional number of days that is usually associated with inpatient rehab programs is 28 days. However, many individuals battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol may need a longer program and may want to choose an inpatient rehab center that offers different options. Inpatient care programs can last for up to 90 days which is mostly determined by the type a person is addicted to, how long have they been addicted and how severe is their addiction and do they have any other underlying factors like depression or anxiety.

Even 28 days can feel like a long time away from work, family, and friends but being in a program that is going to turn someone's life around is certainly worth this relatively short period of time. Everyone's road to recovery is different and this starts with what type of rehab program they commit to and follow.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to taking part in inpatient rehab in Woodbridge or in your local area. Individuals in inpatient rehab programs are monitored 24 hours a day by medical and addiction treatment specialists. Not only is their emotional and mental reaction to no longer taking drugs or drinking watched and assessed but their general physical health is taken care of as well.

Alcoholics and drug addicts can let their healthcare needs become secondary and the staff of an inpatient rehab center will make sure they are eating right, taking in the proper amount of liquids, and resting and sleeping a proper number of hours. Inpatient rehab programs also give individuals around the clock access to therapy, 12-step programs, and many other things we provide for relapse prevention in Woodbridge.

Why Should I Enter an Inpatient Rehab?

A person should enter an inpatient rehab program because they are committed to making a change in their life that doesn't include using drugs or alcohol. Inpatient rehab in Woodbridge allows a person to totally separate themselves from the stresses and circumstances where they drank or did drugs.

An inpatient rehab center offers all of the tools a person needs to accomplish the goal of becoming sober. Inpatient rehab in Woodbridge is also a good place for family members to learn about the battle their loved one is going through so that they can become their support group as they go through the initial phase of recovery. Call the inpatient rehab center today for more information on how to get started at (877) 804-1531.

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